Sharing from our own broken hearts, we want to pass on the faith, hope and love that God has given us on our journey, to bring you comfort, love and triumph on yours.  We encourage you to watch a short video of our story, before linking to a topic you’re interested in.” – Gerard and Jeannie Long

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to share the faith, hope and love we’ve experienced, to help you at this time.

The Triumph of Marriage Series

Romance and a marriage made in Heaven. Until, their world fell apart!

How do you find supernatural love when all is lost?

While being hated by Jeannie, who is in utter darkness, Gerard found a source of unconditional love that empowered him to keep on loving Jeannie.

Future VideosKeep Loving, Even When It’s Not Returned! : Grief upon Unbelievable Grief : An Encounter with God! : Anticipating Heaven : Supernatural Love that Triumphs over Evil : Love is ‎ the greatest motivator : Abundant Love to Share with Others : Restoring Beautiful Love and Eternal Purpose : Experiencing God’s Love

Heaven and Earth Eternity Series

Death is not the end: A Heavenly Perspective

How do you keep living after the death of two children?


Jenny’s Blog – Thoughts from Argentina

Thoughts from Argentina – Jenny’s Blog I am so blessed to have spent Christmas and New Year traveling in Argentina with my beautiful family. One of my favorite days was a long hike to a viewpoint overlooking the beautiful lakes and mountains of Patagonia....

Jeannie’s blog – Trust, Prayer & Reconciliation

Dedicated to my sweet sister Jenny Hello everybody!  I never imagined WE would be called to start a new ministry.  Awakening to God Ministries (AGM) has been birthed out of deep travail. If God’s glory can be shown through our very broken hearts, who am I to...

Gerard’s Blog – Another Awakening – What are you seeing?

Around the year 120BC, an astronomer named Hipparchus announced that there were 1,022 stars in the sky.  A few years later, another astronomer by the name of Ptolemy announced that Hipparchus was wrong.  He had missed three stars and there were actually 1,025! 1,600...

Running from the Heart

Rebecca was a wonderfully loving, kind, gifted young woman who inspired many people by her life.  Having left us for Heaven, far too soon, we want to encourage and inspire millions of young women around the world by how Rebecca lived her life for Jesus Christ.

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