A Year of Great Hope

Calendar – 2017

This calendar will give you inspiration, comfort and hope on every day of 2017. Filled with the scriptures that have helped Gerard and Jeannie to journey along the valley of Baca (weeping), following the death of two of their three children, it shows how God’s word speaks to us in suffering.

A wonderful present with the added value of knowing that for every calendar you purchase, 20 families in poverty in India will each be given a free copy!

Awakening to God

Discovering his power and your purpose.

-Voted one of the top resources of the year in Outreach magazine.

Outreach Magazine (one of the largest Evangelical Christian periodicals in the world) has Awakening to God as one of the resources of the year in the New Beginnings category. View Here

@TonyRobbins God has an amazing way of taking painful areas of life & making it beautiful @Gerard_Long amzn.to/1pqLF99’ Sept 2014

Comments on Amazon:

‘This book has had an immediate impact on my Christian swagger. I began the process of becoming an active Christian about 10 years ago. I was good at many people skills but lacked feeling comfortable talking boldly about Christ and His message. As I read “Awakening to God” for the second time I am beginning to find more ways to use my gifts and begin talking more openly to random people about Jesus. Now that’s living!! Thanks Gerard.
‘So glad I bought this book. Simple and profound. So many principles I am trying to adopt. I passed it on to someone, but I may have to borrow it back.’
‘Highly recommended. Inspirational. This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I’ve underlined so many parts of it, because it touches so deeply. The book brings the urgency of the eternal perspective in such a real and compelling way. Gerard Long ran as hard as he could into God when heartbreaking tragedy came to his family, and reading about what God has shown him in the process of almost unbearable pain is incredible. The book also gives hope and inspires you to live this life we have on earth in a different way.’

Awakening to God


A 6-Session Journey to Discovering His Power and Your Purpose.  Written to help small groups to be awakened to God and His power and purpose for their lives.

Walk the Talk

In 2011, he worked with Chuck Colson to produce a follow-up discipleship course to Alpha, called Walk the Talk, which also featured Rick Warren. Gerard’s second book, Awakening to God, which seeks to envision and equip Christ followers to become better “fishers of men,” was published by Tyndale Momentum in the fall of 2014. Gerard blogs on various topics including suffering, evangelism and church growth at www.gerardlong.com.

The Breakthrough

In 2010, Gerard released his first book, The Breakthrough, which he developed in cooperation with world-renowned business expert and bestselling author Ken Blanchard. Taking a page from business allegory classics such as Blanchard’s One-Minute Manager, The Breakthrough is a modern-day parable through which Gerard uses a simple and engaging story to communicate basic truths about God, religion, suffering, and the afterlife.

Rebecca’s Way

Following Rebecca’s unbelievable death, messages came in from around the world of how Rebecca’s walk with Jesus had touched and transformed people’s lives.  Made up of her journal entries, tweets, photos, prayers and messages from family and friends, Rebecca’s Way is a devotional that is inspiring more and more people to have a closer walk with Christ.  It gives a glimpse of what it looks like for a beautiful young woman to fully live for Jesus in this current age.

Jeannie is currently writing a book of her amazing story and Gerard is writing a book on heaven.
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