How do you keep living after the death of two children?

From the link above, you will first have an opportunity to watch our backstory – “How Do You Keep Living After the Death of Two Children?’ If you’ve already seen this video, scroll down to the ‘Death is not the end: A Heavenly Perspective’ video.

This is not a story that anyone would want, but it is the one that God has written for our lives. As such, we want to be faithful to share the treasures we’ve discovered in the darkness. 

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In sharing, we hope and pray:

  • To pass on the love and comfort we’ve received to those who are suffering and are struggling or have lost faith;
  • To encourage a fresh vision of God’s purpose and calling;
  • To share some keys for a walk of faith; and
  • To give great hope, overflowing to joy and peace, for what’s ahead in Christ.

We define suffering as having something in your life you don’t want or not having that you do want e.g. a couple who haven’t been able to have children. Our story includes:

  • A Job type experience from the mountain top to the deepest valley of the shadow of death and despair;
  • Unbelievable pain and suffering;
    • In the death of two our three children, two of Gerard’s three siblings and Jeannie’s nephew;
    • From the blame and hatred that Jeannie had for Gerard following Alex’ suicide; and
    • Jeannie loss of faith and near death experience;
  • Gerard’s fight of faith;
  • God’s unfailing love and light, including Jeannie’s rescue from suicide through a divine encounter;
  • The triumph of Gerard and Jeannie’s marriage;
  • An eternal vision;
  • The love, power and comfort of the Holy Spirit;
  • A never ending love for Jesus that provides a motivation to keep moving; and
  • A passion for souls

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