Our Experience

Our marriage came very close to failing after the suicide of our youngest son Alex (17).  We had had 24 years of wonderful married life.  In fact, we were, ‘at the top of the mountain,’ and then,pure evil attacked our household.  Along with torture in a concentration camp, the suicide of your child is reportedly the worst thing that can happen to a human being!  Not only are you left grieving the death of the child but you also have to face the devil in the form of, ‘Blame.’

Why didn’t we see it coming? Why wasn’t he stopped? Why, Why, Why?  Jeannie took Alex’s suicide very badly for many reasons.  A very dark cloud came over her and her shock and unbelievable grief and pain turned to anger and hatred toward herself, me and God.  She became psychotic, suicidal and nearly lost her mind.  The spiritual, emotional and mental strain was too much for her body and she would have died apart from emergency surgery to remove a double knot in her intestines.

She lost her faith and for two years she relentlessly blamed and accused me for Alex’s suicide.  Two months after Alex’s suicide, my 53 year old sister died of cancer.  For two years we lived in a nightmare.  Statistics show that up to 19 out of 20 marriages fail after the suicide of a child and Alex’s suicide was extreme for many reasons.  And yet, our marriage recovered and eventually triumphed!  We want to pass on the keys for a Triumphant marriage to you.

You can watch our Triumph of Marriage video series starting with the first video – ‘Love turns to Hate after son’s suicide.’


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