We want to proclaim Jesus Christ and the message of God’s grace and glory in the most effective way possible including:


Jeannie has started to write the amazing story that God has ordained for her life.  She has a unique story of losing her faith after Alex’s suicide and the terrible darkness that followed.  She also shares how God’s beautiful beams of love and light rescued her from her darkness and hopeless pit she was in.  Also, following the death of Rebecca and the suicidal road she was on, Jeannie had a supernatural encounter with God, that convinced her that she and Gerard had been called to share about God’s grace and glory.

Jeannie is very keen to find a leading Christian editor to help her share the story God has given her.

We’re praying for partners to help us raise $200,000 to recruit an editor and to market and distribute her book.

Gerard is also writing a book on the vision of eternity God has given him and, in particular, how our faithfulness to God’s calling on earth is rewarded in heaven.

Also, Rebecca’s Way is going to be published and we’re praying it will be a huge motivation and encouragement for young people to follow Rebecca’s example in surrendering their lives to Christ.

Jesus said, ‘Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.’ Matt 6:19 and rewards are mentioned over 100 times in the New Testament!


Vlogging is the latest and most effective way of communicating on social media.  Partnering with others, we want to share the message we believe God has given us across the different areas of the ministry.  For example:

Healing Broken Relationships – Amazing testimony of how, after several years of prayer and practical action, God brought wonderful healing and reconciliation to Jeannie and Jenny’s relationship.  There are many broken relationships between family and friends and this testimony will help to hope and healing both inside and outside the Church.

‘The Triumph of Your Marriage’ – This was the expression used by an experienced marriage counsellor when she heard that Gerard and Jeannie were now even more in love that ever before despite the journey they went through following Alex’s suicide.

‘Bind up the Brokenhearted, freedom for the prisoners and release from darkness for the prisoners.’

As we’ve started to share our story, we’ve seen Jesus’ anointing set people free, including:

  • A couple was set free in SoCal from the bitterness flowing from the suicide of their seventeen year old son two years before.
  • A man in his thirties in SoCal, who had never got over sexual abuse in High School, said he had been set free.
  • A woman was set free in Portland, OR from the bitterness and pain following the death of her father, five years earlier, from a rare disease.
  • Two women were set free in Bloomington, IL from the pain and suffering caused by sexual abuse in their childhood.
  • A man married man with three daughters was set free from a mental breakdown following abuse by a ministry leader!

Using ‘Vlogging,’ we want to share the story on a much wider scale to spread the wonderful news of God’s grace and glory and see many more brokenhearted people healed, captives set free and release from darkness for the prisoners.

We’re praying for partners to help us raise $100,000 to start the ‘Vlogging’ initiative after which we plan for it to be self-financing.

As many as nine out of ten marriages fail after the suicide of a child! -Is 61:1

There are so many pieces to the story and the message that can be shared to proclaim Jesus Christ.  These are reflected in the various parts to each of the ministries.



Social Media

Gerard, and later Jeannie, will be more and more active with blogs, tweets and other forms of social media.

Speaking Engagements

Gerard has had several speaking engagements since Rebecca passed and, by God’s grace, many people have been touched and set free from all kinds of pain and suffering.  Also, in light of eternity and God’s calling and grace, Christ followers have been challenged and encouraged to fully surrender to God’s will and plan for their lives.

More and more, Jeannie will be accompanying and sharing her story with Gerard, and we’re praying that the Lord will open effective doors for the  message to be spread far and wide across America and further afield.


We would love to have the opportunity to share our story of God’s glorious grace enabling love, peace and hope in the midst of unbelievable suffering.  A message that, if God can do it for Gerard and Jeannie, He can do the same for anybody else, in whatever pain and suffering they may find themselves in.  It’s a love story about the triumph of their marriage and supernatural touches of God, including glimpses of eternity and of God’s glory.  The messages of this film will awaken people’s hearts and minds to the reality of God and His love and grace that is reaching out for them.  Also, it will encourage and inspire Christ followers to trust Him in fully surrendering their life to Him


There are so many pieces to the story and the message that can be shared to proclaim Jesus Christ.  These are reflected in the various parts to each of the ministries.


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