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Mission India

Mission India : Oct 23 – Oct 31, 2016

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40

Gerard in India

Working with a partner ministry, Gerard spoke to over 600 pastors/missionaries in four cities.  It was an honor and a privilege to meet such dear folk who are laying their lives down for the Lord.  Living in difficult conditions, many are persecuted, but their vision and purpose is to spread the gospel!  Gerard’s heart was deeply moved in seeing firsthand the people who are suffering and many are dying from diseases carried by mosquitoes.  Therefore, it was a wonderful privilege and blessing to hand out 35,000 mosquito nets and 50,000 of our 2017 calendars (translated into the local dialect).

We estimate that c.250,000 people have been reached with the good news of Jesus Christ through our gifts! An unexpected benefit is that unbelievers are interested in ATG because of the work we’re doing with the poor in India.

A pastor, his wife and daughter, Amulya, were delighted with their mosquito net. However, it was too late to prevent Amulya’s grandfather from contracting Elephantiasis and she was heartbroken by how he is suffering with this parasitic disease.

See further testimonies below and some background information in Appendix 1.

Please partner with us to share God’s love with 500,000 people in 2017 by digging a well in 100 villages, giving another 15,000 mosquito nets and taking a medical team e.g. for immunizations, cataract operations etc.

The Impact of the Mosquito Nets and our 2017 Calendar in India

Our strategy is to serve and support local churches/ministries to spread the gospel of God’s love.   In the state of Andhra Pradesh we worked to distribute 25,000 nets and 30,000 calendars in and around Hyderabad.  In the state of Maharahtra we partnered with RIMI (Reaching Indians Ministries International) to distribute 10,000 nets and 20,000 calendars in and around Nagpur.

Pushpamma shares what the Mosquito Nets and Calendars have meant to her village.                          

My name is Pushpamma. I live in Dontanapalli village, in Rangareddy district. Our village does not have proper facilities like drinking water, health and education. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior through a national missionary of Operation Saturation and started attending church. One of the problems in our village is the infestation of mosquitoes. Many people have even died due the diseases caused by mosquito bites. I was afraid that my family will also fall victim to this deadly disease. As a church we started praying for the villages, so that God will send a medical team or move the Government – “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God” Psalm 20:7. We were thinking that God will move the government and had hope for some miracle. Whenever a government official visited our village, we were happy thinking that our health problems will be solved. But one day, to our surprise, the team arrived in our village with loads of packages. Our Pastor, Akula, wanted to surprise us. One day, after the prayer in church, they distributed mosquito nets. We were so surprised that God would answer our prayers in this way. Most people in the village cannot afford mosquito nets, and this was a huge relief to them.

We praise God for this wonderful providence. God not only takes care of our spiritual life, but he cares for our every need. We praise God for His grace and this abundant love over His people.


The Pastors in Maharashtra State sent us this message

Greetings in Jesus name! We are indebted to you for partnering with us in serving the Lord. We appreciate your hard work and your heart for India. May the Lord help you to bless many more people in the coming days. We received 10,000 mosquito nets and 20,000 calendars that our local pastors and missionaries have distributed among the non-believers and also to poor believers. Many poor people in India suffer from various diseases due to a mosquito bite. So, giving them a mosquito net will help them to a great extend to stay away from such diseases. People have received this with a great joy and gratitude. In the same way the calendar carried the message of hope and we pray that the message will transform the people to turn to the true light. This also helped our pastors to carry the good news and love of Christ to the villagers. We believe and pray that in the coming days they will open their doors for us to share the Gospel. RIMI 

The pastors distributed the nets and the calendars to the poor who are often living in slums without even the basic privileges like, electricity, washroom, proper shelter, clothes etc. 96% are non-believers and 4% believers. 

In sharing God’s love with the poor, the pastors shared the reaction they received: When they (the poor) received these gifts, they were so overwhelmed and filled with joy. As we were distributing we realized that none of them have mosquito nets in their huts, and they really are in need as they live in unhygienic surroundings. We gave awareness to them for the need of using mosquito nets to stay away from illness due to mosquito bites. We also believe that the messages in the calendar will give a real hope for them as they are entering into the New Year.

Also, for every calendar purchased for $10 or more, we will give away 20 to people who are suffering in India.

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