What is it?

Unless stated, this section is written by Jeannie’s spiritual daughter, Julie Davies

The act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Suicide

An epidemic!

In 2012, suicide was the second highest cause of death both in the 15-24 (c.4,900) and 25-34 (c.6,200) age groups. It was only topped by drugs (poisoning), of which many deaths may well have been suicide as well. The impact of child suicide on a parent is, reportedly, the worse thing a human being can experience (along with torture in a concentration camp). 75%-90% of marriages break up after a child suicide. Immediate and extended family members are impacted for the rest of their lives, including depression, addiction and health, business and financial failure. For every completed suicide, 12 people visit a hospital due to self-harm (this equated to c.0.5M people in 2013)!

Death of a child

In 2012, there were a total of c.78,200 deaths of people under the age of 35. Every death of a child is unbelievably painful and is one of the major reasons that people lose their faith in God and will often become atheists. Including extended family members and friends, close to 10 million people are powerfully impacted each year by the death of people under 35.

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