What is it?

One of the big questions people ask is, ‘what happens when I die?’  This is one of the wisest questions anyone can ask for this simple reason.  If there is a Heaven and a Hell, you don’t want to wait until you die to find you’re in the wrong place!!  It’s wiser to thoroughly investigate the evidence now to give yourself the best chance of ending up in the right place.  If there is a Heaven, you want to make sure you’re there when you die.  If there’s nothing (as some people think), then you’ve simply used some time to investigate!

Interestingly, there have been a growing number of major movies recently on Heaven (e.g. ‘Heaven is for Real,’ 90 minutes in Heaven’ etc.) which suggests people are very interested in this topic.

Heaven and Eternity series

How do you keep living after the death of two children?

This is not a story that anyone would want, but it is the one that God has written for our lives.  As such, we want to be faithful to share the treasures we’ve discovered in the darkness.  In sharing, we hope and pray: To pass on the love and comfort we've received to...

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